“Holistic nutrition steps beyond the study of calories and nutritional facts – it addresses the hunger we all have for a satisfying life experience.

About My Training


I trained at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the world’s leading school in Nutritional Psychology, to build on my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and become a Certified Eating Psychology Practitioner. I’m also a graduate of The Holistic Nutrition Lab Digestive Intensive, certified as an Intuitive Therapist through the NZ College of Holistic Studies, and have a Culinary Certificate from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. I have worked in the food and wine industry in both New Zealand and the United States, most recently at Dish Magazine, before having my two daughters. I continue to study with the Center for Nutritional Psychology to stay current on the science of how nutrients affect mood and behaviour.


With a uniquely holistic approach combining Psychology, Nutrition, and Energy Healing, I now help clients overcome challenges with body image, digestion, mood, stress, fatigue, chronic dieting, binge eating, and emotional eating. The skills I use are a combination of practical counselling techniques, clinical nutrition, and mind body science. My strategies are always respectful, compassionate, and mindful of my client’s highest goals.


Nutritional Psychology considers the way we think and feel to be as important as the food we eat and also recognises the incredible impact of nutrients on our mental and physical well-being. This allows us to make meaningful connections between who we are, what we are eating, and how we are living.


If this way of thinking about your relationship with food resonates with you, I encourage you to get in touch with me to learn more.

How is My Approach Different?


We are constantly receiving conflicting messages about what we should or should not be eating. We have long been told to simply eat less and exercise more in order to achieve the perfect body. We are led to believe that if only we had more willpower we could achieve our dietary goals. I think there are some ingredients missing in these well-intentioned recipes for wellness.


In my Nutritional Psychology practice, I honour your body’s own wisdom and help you navigate what is right for you. In addition to considering the food you are eating, I go deeper and acknowledge other areas in life that “fill you up” or “weigh heavily on you.” My psychological perspective recognises the impact of stress and pleasure, thoughts and emotions, dreams and disappointments, experiences and beliefs on overall well-being. These insights help us more fully explore issues with food and body and can facilitate profound shifts.


I believe that symptoms are often messengers, providing valuable feedback about our emotional and physical bodies. Often a challenge persists until we understand the meaning behind it and address it appropriately. This positive and transformational work will support you on your quest to feel and look your best from a place of true nourishment, empowerment, and authenticity.


Book here if you are ready to understand more about your relationship with food. Not sure yet? Click here to see feedback from some of my clients.

“Lisa holds a great deal of wisdom in her areas of expertise and delivers it in a collaborative, soothing and empowering way. I have found the knowledge she shared with me to be very helpful, enlightening and easy to implement in a meaningful way.”