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“Worthiness is you caring about you. It is you caring about what you eat, about your environment, who you spend time with and where you go because each of these choices will either support or deny your Knowing of Self.”

Welcome to Four Leaves!


I specialise in the emotional side of nutrition because those of us who struggle with our relationship with food and body know that eating can be a very emotional experience. I know how frustrating it can be trying to stay on top of nutritional trends,  determined to do the “right” thing, “be good,” and still not feel your best.


So many of us complain of low mood, low energy, excess weight, too much stress, and a variety of physical ailments, and don’t know what to do about it. It has become so common to feel below average that we may start to consider it normal. Have you been trying to lose the same ten kilos for the past ten years? Have you experimented with being vegan, going paleo, ditching gluten, and quitting sugar…only to end up more confused and frustrated? Do you struggle with binge eating, overeating, chronic dieting, orthorexia, or emotional eating? Are you ready to finally feel comfortable in your own skin by discovering what your relationship with food is really about?


You may just be starting out on your journey to take control of your emotional and physical well-being, or you may feel you have already tried everything and just can’t get where you want to go. Either way, I can help you get on the right track for you. My strategies are holistic, intuitive, and full of compassion. I am here to support and empower you—no judgment, no shame—and it would be my absolute pleasure to accompany you wherever you are on this path.


My innovative approach combining Nutrition and Psychology is one you may not be familiar with, so you might have questions. I’d be more than happy to spend a few minutes on the phone to make sure it would be a good fit for us to work together. You can read some feedback from my clients here in the meantime.


What are you waiting for? The life you are meant to be living is calling you. Book your initial consultation here.

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“Lisa held a space where I felt heard, safe and empathetically understood. Her warm guidance helped me to gain more insight about my challenges and pave my next steps. After seeing Lisa I felt more positive and in line with myself.
Thank you Lisa.”