“What we eat is only half the story of good nutrition, the other half is who we are as eaters.”





Often our issues with food and body are connected to other areas in life, such as relationships, family, work, money, intimacy, or issues in our past that haven’t quite been resolved or “digested.” We all have unique lessons to learn about ourselves, our life purpose, our search for meaning and fulfilment, and examining our relationship with food can often be a great starting point for doing that. While what you eat and how you move are incredibly important, there’s a lot more to achieving a healthy body and mind. Book your first session here to start exploring the fascinating psychology behind your eating.




Mind Body Nutrition explores the psychophysiology of how thoughts, feelings, and beliefs impact weight and health. It focuses on the powerful connections between brain, body, and behaviour. Who we are and how we eat can influence the way we metabolise a meal as well as our ability to digest and absorb nutrients. Understanding these mind-body connections and appreciating how emotions influence our physiology can help us better access the optimal state for digestion and assimilation. If you’re ready to explore how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are impacting your health and your metabolism, schedule your first session now.




You were born with the instinct to eat intuitively, but this internal guidance dissipates for many, as external voices become louder and more powerful. Much suffering and disordered eating can result from disconnecting from our natural emotional and physical hunger. Intuitive Eating rejects diet culture and empowers us to trust our hunger and satisfaction cues. As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I can help you cultivate a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body. You will learn to challenge your “food rules”, honour your appetite, respect your body, and discover true nourishment. Book here to discover more about Intuitive Eating and intuitive living.



Initial Consultation (75 minutes) $160

Follow Up Sessions (50 minutes) $120


It is important to note that my services alone are not appropriate for treating clinical eating disorders.

If you or someone you love is restricting food, purging, or engaging in other dangerous eating behaviours

I will refer you to my associates at Shelly Beach Practice for more specialised support.