“What we eat is only half the story of good nutrition, the other half is who we are as eaters.”





The field of Eating Psychology delves deeper into our emotional relationship with food and considers challenges here to be opportunities for personal growth and transformation. Often our issues with food and body are connected to other areas in life, such as relationships, family, work, money, intimacy, or issues in our past that haven’t quite been resolved or “digested.” We all have unique lessons to learn about ourselves, our life purpose, our search for meaning and fulfilment, and, believe it or not, examining our relationship with food can often be a great starting point for doing just that. Eating Psychology acknowledges that while what you eat and how you move are incredibly important, there’s a lot more to achieving a healthy body and mind. Book your first session here to start exploring the fascinating psychology behind your eating.





Mind Body Nutrition is an exciting new field that advances the practice of nutrition by exploring the psychophysiology of how thoughts, feelings, and beliefs impact weight and health. It focuses on the powerful connections between brain, body, and behaviour. Who we are and how we eat literally and scientifically influences the way we metabolise a meal. Mind Body Nutrition considers the effects of stress, relaxation, meal timing, awareness, our personal story—and so much more—on our ability to digest and absorb nutrients. Understanding these mind-body connections and appreciating how emotions influence our biology, can help us better access the optimal state for digestion and assimilation. If you’re ready to explore how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are impacting your health and your metabolism, schedule your first session now.





Intuitive Therapy is a holistic form of talking therapy that tunes into all of who we are as human beings, not just the cognitive processes of the mind. Borrowing from the fields of Psychology and Energy Medicine, it takes into account our thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences as well as our energy system. By close and careful listening—to not only the words that are spoken, but also the energy behind those words—Intuitive Therapy can help us gain clarity about a situation and support in reconnecting with who we truly are on a soul level. Intuitive Therapists help clients access deeper parts of their stored unconscious to allow for a healing response to the source of the presenting issue. Book here to learn more about intuitive eating and intuitive living.


Initial Consultation (90 minutes) $160

Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes) $120

A limited number of sliding scale appointments are available for students and those on lower income.