“You have an incredible calming nature and energy, and I feel like you really listen to what I say. You offer a safe environment for me to be able to be honest without judgment. I come away from each session feeling ready to take on the world!”

Faye, Auckland

“I find myself talking to friends about the things you have taught me, and I find myself thinking a lot about the things you say. I’d recommend your services to others struggling with their relationship with food because of your commitment to finding a way that works, and your gentle, non-judgmental manner.”

Rachel, Auckland

“I was honestly scared to ask for help because I felt so lost and in such a dark place that it was going to be a long and painful journey upwards. I can’t express more the change I feel in myself from working with you for only five weeks. I have reconnected to myself and realigned myself with my values I feel I have a much stronger sense of who I am and how to seek fulfilment in my life. I feel inspired and motivated and like I finally have some direction in my life. I could not recommend your services more to others struggling with their relationship with food. I love your mind, body, and soul connection to food relationships. You are incredibly easy to talk to and open up to.”

Hannah, Auckland

“The way I view food has changed – it is liberating. Also I feel kinder as a person – not so judgmental of myself and others so I like myself more. What I have learnt about myself and the body in general over the past year has been like an awakening.”

Allana, Auckland

“You look at the bigger issues, the psychology behind my eating. You work intuitively and mirror back to me how I respond energetically. I feel heard and that you relate to what I’m dealing with. You’ve taught me to pay attention and follow what lights me up energetically and move away from what deadens me energetically. I no longer describe myself as depressed.”

Rachel, Christchurch

“So much has changed in my life since starting sessions with Lisa just eight months ago. Early sessions were just about me. Lisa didn’t make me write a food diary or tell me what not to eat. There’s no mention of diets, magic pills, or special foods. I am building a brand new relationship with food and my body. And it is all good! Really helpful for me is to have been able to have sessions by Skype, as I don’t think there is anyone in my region doing similar work. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone who can identify with an unhealthy relationship with food or eating. And of course it is about so much more than that.”

Trish, Nelson

“You’re very empathetic and non-judgemental and there is a willingness to help that really comes across. For me this creates safety and is crucial to a good professional relationship. I feel I’ve made a break through around food and body image. I’ve stopped enslaving my body with rigid diets, and have started to notice what happens when all that pressure to lose weight is dropped. More ease and freedom, and the good thing is I haven’t put on weight which was a big fear. Apart from being knowledgeable about the issues we have with our relationship with food, you seem to work by messaging a new belief or way of being and it’s more about loving yourself and nurturing yourself and energetically the body responds well to that, because it’s aligned with it’s inner body wisdom.”

Alice, Auckland



Book now if you are ready to start building your own empowered relationship with food and body. No diets. No relying on willpower. You are worthy of so much more.