The Nutritional Power of Intuition

The Nutritional Power of Intuition

“But I can’t trust myself around food” is a statement I hear again and again from clients. Without food rules or a strict diet plan there is fear that the natural appetite would take over and…then what? We have become so out of touch with eating intuitively that we are literally afraid of our appetites.


This fear arises in part from all the do’s, don’ts, and should’s that we, and society, impose on our diets. Judgment is everywhere, and eventually it becomes internalized as our own. But self-judgment is not intuition. Our true inner voice is never critical.


When we are so focused on cutting things out of our diet, we forget the real reason for eating is to nourish our physical body so that it can best serve us and allow us to live as the truest expression of our soul. We need food like we need oxygen – to survive and to thrive. Tightly controlling and artificially managing our appetite may stop it from functioning “normally”, but there is nothing abnormal about having a healthy appetite.


Our bodies have a brilliant wisdom that knows what it needs. But many of us have relinquished this power of knowing to experts we believe must know better. There is great value in being nutritionally savvy, but don’t let the voices outside of you become louder than the voice within you.


A deep feeling of empowerment arises from learning to tune into our unique bodies and make our own connections between how we eat, how we feel, and how we show up in the world. Making choices from this level of consciousness is not only kind to self, but so much more convincing on a cellular level than following someone else’s rules. It is in this place of authenticity that true behavioural shifts can occur as we move into alignment with our truest selves.


The opposite of fear is love. When we can come from a place of genuinely caring for our beautiful bodies and our precious lives, we are so much more likely to nourish ourselves with food than to punish ourselves. Honouring our intuition is an important step towards feeling our own worthiness and feeding ourselves accordingly.


If you’ve lost touch with your nutritional intuition somewhere along the line and would like support getting back on track, I encourage you to book a consultation with me.  

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