Why Four Leaves?

Why Four Leaves?

I seem to have a special knack for finding four leaf clovers. They have always been a meaningful symbol in my life and these days I find them almost daily. I have collected hundreds over the past few years. If I am “on the right track” metaphorically speaking, they literally seem to pop up along my path.


My connection with four leaves began when I was a young girl, spending my summer holidays in Denmark, collecting four leaf clovers with my cousins and pressing them between the pages of our diaries. We knew that four leaf clovers existed because our grandmother always found them, so we were happy to spend hours sitting on the lawn, or however long it took, to add to our special collection. We never doubted our knowing of ourselves as finders of four leaf clovers too.


There’s something about that “knowing” that seems key to the finding, be it four leaf clovers or something else we are wanting in life like a new home, a partner, or a healthy body. The clear intention of knowing what you are looking for and the trust that you will find it carries with it a very different energy to that of “searching” – a word that has the frequency of being quite separate from that which you are wanting.


While knowing exists without doubt or fear, searching can become an endless quest to look outside of ourselves for answers and attempting to grasp something that always seems out of reach. If we’re so busy listening to external voices it can become difficult to hear our own and this can be extremely disempowering.


My clovers have come to symbolize my intuition and I only find them when in a space of connection with who I am, listening to my inner voice, and respecting my body’s wisdom.


This awareness enables us to move through life with more grace and ease. Clear intentions about who we are and how we want to live allow us to make decisions that serve us and create healthy boundaries that reflect our priorities. This includes choices about the food we eat, the people we spend time with, the work we do, and the environments we live in.


I believe our bodies are giving us feedback all the time and trying to guide us towards what is right for us. When we don’t pay attention to how we are feeling and make connections with how we are living, we may experience unwanted symptoms and challenges. This can be thought of as our internal GPS having to turn up the volume in order to get our attention when we have ignored its gentle guidance for too long.


So for me that special fourth leaf is a reminder to slow down, look, listen and believe – and in that space I am in a much better position to create my own luck.


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  • Janette Gross

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    That is truly lovely, and thought provoking. Thanks!

  • Mavrick

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    Shiver me timbers, them’s some great initrmaofon.

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